They say: no risk, no fun! So next time you’re planning your vacation, choose something different, something daring! Iceland is a country of amazing landscapes, where Mother Nature has created something outstanding. The Land of Fire and Ice has many surprises for you, check these for example:

1. The Northern Lights

Iceland is located just below the Arctic Circle and it’s probably the best place to watch the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. It is a spectacular show of lights that can only be seen in a few places on Earth! Icelanders are privileged, as the Aurora Borealis can be seen 8 months a year, from September until April. To get the best view, go outside the cities and pick a night when it’s cold and extremely dark.

2. Whale watching

Iceland is considered the whale watching center of Europe, with many species having their home in the cold northern waters. If you get to Iceland, make sure you book a whale watching tour, for a once in a lifetime experience! The best part is that you can do this thorough the entire year, but in the summer the oceanic activity is more intense and your chances of seeing more types of whales increase. No matter the port you leave from in summer, you have an excellent chance of seeing Minke and Humpback Whales; with a bit of luck also Sei, Fin and Blue Whales may appear.  Make sure you have your camera ready and get ready for an extraordinary adventure!

3. A gastronomic journey

The Icelandic cuisine has, of course, been shaped in great measure by its remote location and often extreme conditions. The result is a bizarre, yet delicious cuisine that you must try, at least once! As an island country, fishing is a great part of the food culture, with dishes raging from fermented shark to delicious fish stew. Along with the fish, sheep have been the lifeblood of the Icelanders, since its arrival with the Vikings. And how about a special type of bread, baked with lava? And speaking about lava…

4. The volcanoes

Iceland has around 130 volcanoes, out of which approximately 30 are active. If you ever dreamed about travelling towards the center of the Earth, then you must visit the Þríhnúkagígur volcano, the only one in the whole world in which you can actually go INSIDE! After a 120m descent you get into the magma chamber, considered to be one of the biggest and most remarkable natural phenomena on Earth.

5. The midnight sun

6. Visit a glacier

Up on Langjökull, in a remote part of west Iceland, two hours’ drive from Reykjavík, you’ll find a 500m tunnel into a glacier. Although hiking across glaciers may be a common practice, stepping inside one it’s definitely not common. It’s a crazy feeling that you have wandering around with all that compacted snow weighing heavily above your head. It is a bit scary at first, but then you’ll get distracted by the amazingly blue ice that lies at the deepest sections of the tunnel!

7. Swim in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland, and for good reason. A geothermal wonder with milky-blue waters and clouds of steam, it’s a place that makes you feel as if you have died and gone to Heaven! The water is warm and rich in minerals, such as silica and sulfur, being known for curing several skin diseases. The Blue Lagoon is a great place to relax and it is a unique experience in this world!

For adventurers and for those who seek an extraordinary experience, Iceland is on the travel bucket list! It has much to offer, so pack the warmest clothes and book a flight!

PS: we know that there are no mosquitoes in Iceland, but you could pack some anti mosquito wristwears and offer them to the locals…as a charm of bug-lock!

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