We love summer…and summer holidays!

Instagram is flooded with pics from the hills of Sri Lanka to blue lagoons in the Philippines, to people sipping wine under the silky skies of Greece… By exploring travel lovers, summer holidays just got much more exciting; from exotic delights to urban fascinations, we discover amazing new places to add to our travels.. From Croatia to Bali, here are our must-see travel spots:

5. Croatia

Croatia has a lot to offer: it’s a beautiful country with gorgeous cities and incredible landscapes. But in the top of our must-visit places there is definitely Plitvice. What you need is one day to visit the incredible national park which will take your breath away! The park was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979 and it covers a total area of 300 square kilometers, whilst the lakes join together over a distance of eight kilometers. Plitvice will take you to a heaven with sixteen interconnecting waterfalls and beautiful flora and fauna (the woodland is populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species), just to dazzle you..and it surely lives up to expectations!

PLITVICE, CROATIA – JULY 29: Tourist enjoy sightseeing the lakes and wonderful landscapes at the Plitvice natural Park in Croatia during the summer holidays, on July 29th, 2016 in Plitvice, Croatia

4. Dominican Republic

Great hotels, fine beaches, intriguing history, colorful culture and stunning natural beauty, you find all in this surprisingly diverse destination. The Dominican Republic’s reputation is built on its sands and beach-lovers will not be disappointed! With 800 miles of coast, its beaches are among the best in the Caribbean. Pristine white sand and clear, turquoise water characterise the whole length of the coast. You will meet here friendly people, learn bachata and merengue. You can also scuba dive in the clear and blue water of the sea, kite-surf ..and our favourite.., swim with dolphins! #PureBliss

3. Singapore

Singapore became one of the most hit-list destination from Asia and worldwide. In the last few years, it has rapidly turned into a developed, urbanized country which is full of surprises! Unlike any city in the world, Singapore is a blending spot of different cultures with an intersection of new and old architecture. You’ll also find shop houses right near the skyscrapers. The gastronomy offers a wide spectrum of dining options ranging from deliciously affordable street food to pricey, Michelin starred haute cuisine.

Singapore financial district at the sunset time

Nevertheless, Singapore has a set of strict rules you might want to read about before you get there: it is forbidden to sing songs in public that have either obscene lyrics..it is forbidden to connect to another user’s WiFi, to forget to flush the toilet, to walk in the nude at home (with open curtains) and many more but this is a family show. . .so be sure you are fully informed about the rules & laws before you go there! 😉

2. Ibiza

If you are a party lover, Ibiza is your destination! Here you can party all night long and enjoy the sun & sea all day… Do you really need anything else??? If you still do, here’s three suggestions for you: Firstly, hierbas, the local herbal digestif or try ensaïmadas, which are a cross between a pastry and a croissant. And thirdly, Almonds – part of the island is covered in almond trees, which blossom beautifully in spring. But you won’t see that, because you are either a party creature or a pool-lounger, right? 🙂

1. Bali

It’s a kind of magic, magiiiiic. . . Bali is more than a place, it’s a dream, an aspiration, it’s a mood, an exotic state of mind. Water houses, crystal clear sea, mesmerising landscape, wild volcanoes, jungles, fascinating culture, Bali has it all! BUG is currently travelling Bali so #StayTuned to read more about Bug in Bali coming soon. . .

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Hindu temple on Bratan lake, Bali, Indonesia

PRO tip for a successful holiday: keep your photo camera close and your anti-mosquito wristwear closer!

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