When we think about holiday our minds are blurred with stunning beaches, deep-blue seas, greener-than-ever mountains, fresh air or partying like there’s no tomorrow…and that’s totally cool, because holidays are FUN! Right? Of course!

But you know what’s not cool? Planning them! It can be overwhelming and it takes much time and energy and long hours of research…

That is why, fellow mosquito-haters, we put together a nice list to help you plan your perfect holiday in a calmer-than-a-summer-breeze mode! Check out our tips…

1. Pick Your Dreamy Destination

Of course you have to figure out where to go first… This will set a goal to work towards. It will determine your budget and time constraints. It will make you follow pages and search pictures and reviews from your destination that will keep you on your toes until the day you leave!

If you need inspiration, check out some cool places we think are worth a visit here.

2. Determine Your Budget

You’ll realise your budget once you have decided how long your holiday is going to be. It’s a big deal if you say “I’m going to Paris” and then you add “for 10 days”. Then, you will need to do some research about costs to and within your destination and what your travelling style wil be? ..will you be a backpack tourist or will you be accommodated at luxury hotels and eating at expensive restaurants?

Okay, so once you decided you need to figure out how much spending money you need per day. If you need, let’s say €95 per day, multiply this by the amount of days you’ll spend travelling..and there you go, you know your budget! It’s time to start saving!

3. Plan Your Transportation

If you’ll travel by plane, book your flights – start with searching the likes of Skycanner for prices and flight times. You should get a fair price if you book your flight two months in advance. If you travel by car make sure you get to a service check for a safe drive! If you choose a bus or any other public transportation method, same rule applies: book your tickets!

4. Book Your Accommodation

So you know where you’ll be going, you know how much money will you need. Now you need a place to sleep, right? Accommodation can be one of the biggest fixed expenses of your holiday, so you need to choose it wisely. If you are young, wild and free you can consider hotels or even camping, everything is possible! If you have kiddos, we think that the best option would be an apartment: you’ll have access to a full kitchen, separate bedrooms, your own laundry and on most occasions a good sized balcony for those relaxing sunset evenings… ?

Whatever you choose, don’t forget about AirBnB. They are in 180 countries and you can book entire apartments and houses, or just spare bedrooms allowing you the choice of having the place all to yourself or staying and sharing your travel stories with the owner. #WeLoveAirBnB

5. Plan Your Activities

Think about the things you really really want to do once you’re there. It will help you optimize your costs and also to have everything under control! Then just daydream during the pre-holiday build-up! Are you ready???

6. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something you will need. You never know what might happen, and most health plans won’t cover you overseas. Yes, nobody thinks that their foot can’t be broken while skiing, but better safe than sorry we say! Also get vaccinated if you’re travelling to a destination that requires that.

7. Pack

Girls, you don’t need 37 outfits for 7 days…but this is not gonna stop you, is it? ? Packing is related to the destination and time period, of course. As an advice: try making a list of all the things you think you might need and then cut it in half! You’ll soon realise you didn’t need so many things! Travel light, it makes your journey much more enjoyable!

Pssssst…don’t forget your anti-mosquito wristwear!!!

8. Enjoy!

Now go there, travel together, have fun, get tanned, take pictures, live every moment of your perfect holiday! #LoveTravel

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