They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. We would say that this is a cliché, but, if we think it through, a photograph is a able to tell the stories of a nation, of a moment or of a feeling. Put this way: didn’t it happen to you that you saw a mind-blowing photo and you said “I want to see this place!”? You needed no stories, you just saw it and you knew.

Well, if you are photographer, you probably want to be one that takes the best shots all over the world. Or you just want to live yourself those places and encapsulate the whole moment in a photo. If you find yourself looking for great places to visit and immortalize, here’s our top for your must-photo-this goals:

7. India

India is exotic, colorful, exciting, challenging, welcoming – it is an exhilarating destination for a photographer! The thing about India is its fantastic diversity of subject matter. It is about capturing the cultural experience and delivering it better than words, whether you strive for nature immersed in mesmerizing dawns or the unique beauty of Indian people.

6. France

Although well known as a holiday destination, France is quite unexplored when it comes to landscape photography. France will welcome you in regions where you won’t see a single car for kilometers! It will give you minor elements that will help you compose a truly unique and divers landscape. Just like a canvas where pieces are added to give you that big picture that will keep you amazed!

5. Croatia

The coastal cliffs of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast are filled with history. It’s hard to believe that only 20 years ago, the country had one of the most difficult wars in modern history. Still, Croatia rose and vibes as one of the most iconic destinations for photographers and travelers. The Old town of Dubrovnik is ten times more impressive than usual at twilight, so make the most of it!

4. Guatemala

Guatemala is a paradise for a photographer! Living near volcanoes looming above with beautiful lakes, lush jungles, and pine forests, the Mayan people will get under your skin in a flash! Most of the women are dressed in traditional outfits that are a splash of beautiful colors and joy! They want to keep their culture alive, so, if you are into portrait, you should know that they are willing and happy to be photographed. And, truth be told, they are absolutely fascinating and beautiful!

3. Norway

Norway is worldwide known for its glaciers, mountains, and the deepest fjords on the planet. It is the home of Vikings and the host of the best northern lights in the world in winter. Yes, we are talking about aurora borealis! PRO tip: if you seek the one perfect picture, sit on a 2000’ fjord with your legs dangling over the edge. Wear a colorful jacket! But brace yourself for a edgy experience: there are no guardrails! Be careful though!

2. Morocco

Morocco can be a bit of a challenge for a photographer. This is because Moroccan people can be quite vehement if you want to photograph them. Yet, if you manage to solve this inconvenience, Morocco will totally pay off: it is a gorgeous country, filled with colorful cities, crowded street markets and amazing desert scenery!

1. Iceland

Iceland is the ultimate travel photographer’s dream! Seriously, even if you pop up your iPhone and take a quick shot here you’ll have a hard time taking a bad photo! Iceland is the land of fire and ice. It is dramatic and in parts almost surreal! Iceland is a magical place full of mountains, active volcanos, glaciers and black sand beaches.

All in all, we are pretty sure that a great photographer will be able to take perfect shots wherever he is. The world is filled with beautiful things and sceneries worth captioned. But you know what else the world is filled with? Yes, mosquitoes (Except Iceland!)! So make you pack your anti-mosquito wristwear so you don’t have to scratch right when you are about the perfect shot!

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