Meet the Bugs!


Role: The Boss
Height: 6.2mm
Gender: Female
Characteristics: Dominating, Demanding, Aggressive
Aspirations: World domination
Likes to: Prove Bugs can take on Humanity
Manages to: Punish cullprits for failures
Story: “Buzz is a very demanding mosquito! She is forever forcing Bug and Mug into dangerous situations in the quest to fulfill her desire to feed off humans! Buzz once forced Bug and Mug to wait 15 days for TheBugWatch to expire, convinced they would find blood treasure… They didn’t!”


Role: The Muscle
Height: 6.7mm
Gender: Male
Characteristics: Smart, Strong, Confident
Aspirations: To be a leader
Likes to: Mistreat Mug
Manages to: Get harmed by Mugs actions
Story: “Bug is a very clever mosquito! Although he is submissive to Buzz, he believes in his own ability and that some day he will be a leader! Bug almost out-smarted a family on holiday once however just before the attack Mug screamed (((TheBugWatch))) ..the party was over!”


Role: The Planner
Height: 6.9mm
Gender: Male
Characteristics: Happy, Playful, Clumsy
Aspirations: Acceptance by fellow Bugs
Likes to: Make an impact
Manages to: Get in the way
Story: “Mug is a happy mosquito! Always trying to please Buzz yet as he mostly acts on impulse, he seems to mess things up each and every time! Mug once foiled a plan after entering a blood bank. While attempting to take a selfie with a blood bag, he was caught red handed!”